(New)Sandilands Village Duplex Converted To Home

$1,200.00 Per Month


Located in the Eastern District of The Island of New Providence, this building was once a duplex that has been converted to a home. Although the conversion has been made it is not hard to convert the building back to a duplex. What we like most about the lot is that it already has a building on the lot and has enough space in the front to add more units onto the existing building which is great. The total square footage is 6,950 ft.

Rent To Own Details

Price – $205,000.00
Deposit – $15,000.00
Monthly Lease – $1,200.00
Rent Credit – $600.00
Term – 3 Years

You will need to qualify for a mortgage of $168,400.00 to pay the remaining balance at the end of the contract.

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